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fahrenheit128.com is the photography of Drew Allegre.  Featuring, but not limited to, small stage music photography, fast lenses, black hoodies, etc.  Based in Fort Wayne, IN.  There are a few photos in the archive...use the search feature if you want to save time. :)


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Some music/concert jpeg images on this website are available for free download. Copying/sharing of these images is allowed for non-commercial, non-derivative use as long as a credit is given to the photographer and/or fahrenheit128.com. Commercial use is not allowed unless specific permission is given. Personal myspace/Web gallery use is allowed.

Recently Added
Marah, Black Label Summer (Thunderhawk) @ the Brass Rail - 6/20/10Fort Wayne Rock Doc benefit show @ the Brass Rail - 3/5/10The Guggenheim Grotto @ Come2Go - 2/26/10People BowlingLee Miles and the Illegitimate Sons @ Parkview Field - 7/12/09Tom and Marianna - 7/3/09B Sharps, Strange Boys, Ben Prestage @ the Brass Rail - 6/19/09The Rosewood Thieves @ The Brass Rail, Fort Wayne, IN - 6/15/09